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This is the official website of YOGAKSHEMASABHA, the organisation of Namboothiry community of Kerala.

First founded in 1908, by farsighted men of great virtues, the sabha acted as an active catalyst to the social reformation of Kerala society.  At a time when the life of an average Namboothiry revolved around Temples, priesthood, secluded cultural and social stigmas carried over through generations, intervention of Yogakshemasabha led by progressive men opened new horizons for the community,  freeing its members from self imposedo bondages and shackles of a thousand year.

Our intention here is to bring to public and members of the Brahmin fraternity worldwide, about the services and activities of this centenarian organisation, gearing up to lead the community, society and the world through 21st century, firm on our motto:

"Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavanthu".

Focus of this site will be on collecting and sharing maximum information regarding fuctions of the organisation from every dimension.  Bear with us for the  visual effects and great design skills it lacks.  We welcome you to be a frequent visitor and contributor of content viz; articles, news etc

We welcome each and every one from our community - The Kerala Nampoothiri - as defined by the Kerala Nambudiri Act 1958, to be a member of Yogakshemasabha.











Akeeraman Kalidasan Bhattathiripad                                   S.Radhakrishnan Potty

President                                                                                         Gen.Secretary

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