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Nityakarma - Pooja Padhana Sibiram at "Anyonyam Nalukettu"


Anyonyam-Nalukettu Anyonyam-camp

Thrippunithura: "Anyonyam Nalukettu' is a dream project by few farsighted men among us.  This is a centre for conducting all the "Shodashakriyas" for Brahmins and Kshatriyas.  Centre facilitates men and material needed for performing of our sacred rituals, giving importance to "Pithrukriyas" over others.   "Anyonyam" is currently conducting a 14 day residential camp for boys whose "Upanayanam" is over.  The camp intends to impart a solid foundation for the "Nityakarmams", the basic rituals a man should do as a Brahmin.  Basic Pooja vidhi, Kshetradarsana Vidhi, Punyaham etc are also taught in this camp.  Acharyas from both Rigvedic and Yajurvedic Schools are conducting the sessions.  Brahmasree Elamannu Damodaran Nampoothiri (President of Anyonyam), Udiyannoor Sankaran Nampoothiri, Palissery Vishnu Nampoothiri and Cheppannur Krishnan Nampoothiri are the othickans imparting knowledge to 25 children from different parts of the state.  Anyonyam Secretary and Co-ordinator Sri Panikkath Appu Nampoothiri told that they are encouraged by the turn-out and enthusiasm of the boys and parents.  The organisation has plans to conduct similar camps in future also.

An Album of the camp.