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This is a Matrimonial classified page exclusively for Kerala Brahmin community.  Members can publish marriage proposals here.  View, save or print Horoscope and other details in pdf.  Entries are in the order of  Age, Height, Educational qualification, Employment and Current location OR Native place.

IMPORTANT: Some proposals listed below may have settled by the time you contact the advertiser,  Most parents doesn't promptly ask us to delete their proposals once the marriage is fixed / settled.  Letters and reminders send to them from our side is generally neglected. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

March 2013 Entries

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April 2013 Entries

iconweb505 iconweb506 iconweb507 iconweb508 iconweb509 iconweb510

May 2013 Entries

iconweb511 iconweb512 iconweb513 iconweb518


June 2013 Entries

iconweb521 iconweb522 iconweb525 iconweb526 iconweb527 iconweb528 iconweb529 iconweb530 iconweb536 iconweb537 iconweb538 iconweb539 iconweb540 iconweb541


July 2013 Entries

iconweb542 iconweb543 iconweb544 iconweb545 iconweb546


August 2013 Entries

iconweb547 iconweb548


September 2013 Entries



October 2013 Entries


iconweb555 iconweb556 iconweb557 iconweb562 iconweb563 iconweb564 iconweb565 iconweb566 iconweb567 iconweb568 iconweb569 iconweb570 iconweb571


November 2013 Entries


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December 2013 Entries

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May 2014 Entries


July 2014 Entries



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